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The VoltStar travel charger is the slimmest cell-phone charger on the market today. This thin and lightweight charger does not block adjacent socket receptacles. Designed to provide the utmost in convenience, the VoltStar travel charger offers more features than its larger counterparts. A Mini-USB connector interface allows the changing of cables so a variety of hand held devices can be charged with the VoltStar charger. The stylish black soft touch gripping bumps and gold blades provide improved ergonomics and easier plugging and unplugging.

The VoltStar travel charger is designed to protect your hand held device. Superior grade components were selected for reliability and performance unlike typical chargers. This charger features heavy-duty surge protection to block power line surges from damaging your device while it is charging. In addition, over voltage protection and over current protection further protect your device from abnormal operating conditions. The VoltStar travel charger is ROHS compliant and UL listed.


  • Charges any 5 volt device
  • Heavy–Duty Surge Protection
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Over Current Protection
  • UL Listed E302070
  • Efficiency Level IV
  • Gold Blades
  • Soft Touch Gripping Bumps
*Cables for most popular brands available
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Electrical Specifications

Parameter Symbol Min. Typ Max. Units Conditions
Voltage VIN 100   240 VACrms 2 Wire - No Earth Ground
Frequency fLINE 50   60 Hz  
No-Load Power       0.04 Watts 260 VAC Input
Voltage Vout 4.75 5 5.25 VDC Peak Output Power Point
DC Ripple Voltage VRR     150 mVDC Resistive Load Maximum Power
Current IOUT 500 550 650 mADC  
Power POUT 2.50 2.75 3.25 Watts TAMB = 22C
1.2/50 Surge   2     kV 1.2/5.Oμs Surge, IEC 1000-4-5
100 kHz Ring Surge   2     kV 100kHZ Ring Wave, 500A
Ambient Temperature TAMB   25   °C Free Convection, Sea Level
Conducted EMI CISPR22B/EN55022B, FCC Class B Artificial Hand Connected To Output Return
Safety UL 60950 Class II  
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